About Me

I have always been fascinated by business, even as a young man.

Although I have a corporate background, having been involved in large scale turnarounds and fast growing businesses, I realised about 20 years ago that I actually found it more rewarding to be involved in smaller businesses as they tend to be more ‘real’ and dealt with real world challenges and had a genuine customer focus when they delivered their product or service.

The smaller businesses I am referring to range in size from, say, £500,000 to £35m in turnover rather than tiny/micro businesses.

I was one of the founders of Churchfield Business Brokers in 2003 and I now own that company. Through Churchfield Business Brokers I have sold over 30 businesses. These business sale projects tended to be between £1m and £15m in value, although I have managed smaller transactions as well.

I have started several businesses and bought (and sold) businesses on my own account, rather than as a broker.

Nowadays, my focus is on buying established businesses. I build on what I invest in and I am passionate about finding new opportunities to grow each business. Through my business broking experience I have a vast network of business partners and contacts to help with this process.

My skills and experience include a variety of business turnaround strategies. When combined with my business broking experience I know how to add substantial value to businesses in relatively short timescales. My focus is to build on what is already in place, not tear it apart.