Selling Your Business

I will only invest in companies where I can utilise the experience and skills that I have built up over the last 20+ years in order to add significant value to the business. I look for businesses which have specific attributes such as:

  • The business must have been trading for a minimum of 3 years
  • There is an existing management team in place
  • Turnover is most likely to be £1million to £30million OR profit is greater than £250K OR you have 10+ employees
  • (If your turnover is greater than £30million then we would consider whether it is more appropriate to access the capital markets, it is just a different type of transaction)
  • It has the potential to grow, even if it is facing challenges at the moment

If your business has had ups and downs in recent years then still feel free to contact me, it is possible that I can use my experience and contacts to overcome these. You would have had the target levels of turnover or profit in the past so it shows what can be achieved.

I have been exposed to a vast number of businesses in a wide range of sectors so I do not predefine which types of businesses I will invest in – get in touch and have a chat so we can explore what is possible.